Hey guys! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE like Kristi Leigh Briggs’ comment on this picture… test

Hey guys! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE like Kristi Leigh Briggs' comment on this picture for a chance for Headwire to play at Leeds Arena!! It would mean SO much to all of us xx

Exciting opportunity for local bands.

On the 22nd of June, the First Direct Arena will be opening it's doors for the afternoon to thousands of people who've registered for our open day. It's a chance to show off our exciting new venue and to test it's acoustics. It's also a great chance for growing the profile of your band.

We'd like to invite a local, unsigned band to perform a set of 3 original songs during the afternoon. If you're part of a band & you'd like to come down and be part of our open day simply comment below with your band name and a message as to why you should get the gig.

Rules: Please only comment once per band. Only comment if you're from the band. (Other comments will be deleted) The band that get's the most number of likes on their post by the 17:00 on the 15th of June 2013 will get the gig!